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Location: Australia

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Established in 1934 Tobin Brothers has become one of Australia’s largest and most respected funeral companies. Family owned and operated, they service the Melbourne metropolitan area as well as Echuca. Conducting approximately 5,500 funerals per annum, they have a number of specialist services for client families and a variety of ethnic communities.

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New Blog post: Dealing with the worst life experience: death of a loved one

Posted by Tobin Brothers on March 13, 2019, 2:25 a.m.

Life is filled with all sorts of ups and downs. However, one of the worst experiences in one’s life is the loss of a loved one. The scar that this experience leaves in person’s mind never fades away. It is one of the most depressing experiences. If a person is to feel okay, there are many things that he or she can do to cope with the reality and to accept the fact ...