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About this Death Cafe

Death Cafe discussions provide an opportunity for personal reflection and connection with self and others. There's no program or goal, no agenda or advertising. All are welcome. All backgrounds and beliefs are included and accepted.


This is a virtual event, held with the respectful intention to honor each person's unique journey. Guidelines are in place to create a safe, contained vessel: absolute confidentiality, cross-talk when invited, reflection from personal experience rather than feedback. Death Cafe Guidelines & Vessel Creation.pdf


Overview: It is widely recognized that western cultures tend to resist death as a fact of life. Ironically . . . and paradoxically, cultures in which death is accepted and celebrated demonstrate a greater capacity for accepting and enjoying life itself.


Death Cafés invite us into purposeful and intentional discussions about death and dying, and create the opportunity to explore our fears and anxieties related to endings and losses. In the process, many participants find greater meaning and deeper appreciation for the joyful immediacy of the human experience.

WHEN: Friday, April 15th, 8 - 9:30am (PT) 5 - 6:30pm (CET) 9:30 - 11pm (IST)


Start Time: Please join the call 5 - 10mins before start time. Everyone will be admitted at 8am (PST) and we will begin on time. To ensure a safe and well-held vessel, no late comers will be admitted, so please plan ahead.

WHERE: Please contact Annelisa for the Zoom link.



Group Guidelines, Etiquette and Vessel Creation

Death Cafe Guidelines & Vessel Creation.pdf


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April 15, 2022

Start time:

8:00 a.m. (Pacific)

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9:30 a.m. (Pacific)