Posted by Dorothy Boswell

Hosted by Dorothy Boswell


Nov. 18, 2021

Start time:

11:00 a.m. (Greenwich Mean Time)

End time:

12:15 p.m. (Greenwich Mean Time)

To be held at a private location

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About this Death Cafe

I love the way that Death Cafes give people a place to talk about something that even their closest friends and families might not want to discuss.

Older people have told me,"My children won't talk about death; they say, 'It's too upsetting,' or I'm busy - send me an email,' or 'You've got years in you yet!'"

And younger people say 'My parents just brush it off. If I try to talk about funerals they say, 'Just put me out with the recycling,' and if I askeabout wills it's 'What are you after?'

Death Cafes give everyone t echance to speak and listen. No agenda, just a chance to talk.

About Dorothy Boswell

After careers in education, journalism and parent counselling, I have volunteered for several years helping older people talk about and plan for end of life issues. I have facilitated groups at Death Cafes at the Almedia
Theatre Cafe  and the Welcome Collection as part of Future Matters, an Age UK Islington project based in North London.


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