Questions I Asked Myself

Posted by Billy Dean

Who gets everything you own when you die? My wife.

How will your wife survive after you’re dead? Her memories, her friends, her investments and her part-time job.

How will you manage your suffering when you are dying? My wife's bedside comfort and perhaps a dose or two of morphine.

What happens to your body when you’re dead? Cremation => Ashes => Fireplace Mantle

What happens to your mind when your brain dies? Into the collective consciousness? Poof? Who knows?

Where will you be remembered? My website, my scrapbook and my wife's remembering.

How are you dealing with the fact that someday you will be dead? I’m focused on living fully, loving well and paying attention to things that matter in the here and now. Every morning, when I wake up from the death of sleep and see Sharon smiling at me, I know it’s gonna be a lovely day!

How will you deal with death when you know you are dying? Life is in the journey, not in the destination, so I’ll be sad it’s almost over but glad it happened, and try to let go of life courageously rather than rage against the dying of the light.

How are you dealing with theories about the after life? Heaven, hell, sheol, nirvana, karmic rebirth, cosmic consciousness and other religious philosophies are answers too fixed, immutable and certain for me to take seriously, so I embrace  uncertainty, knowing there are no absolute yes or no answers to whether or not my body and/or my mind (Self) will exist in some state beyond this life.