A note from Jools - Death Cafe reaches 10,000 events

Hi all,

I am delighted to share with you that January 2020 has seen us reach 10,000 events in 69 countries (and that's just those that have been listed on our website!)!!

When my brother Jon Underwood, the founder of Death Cafe, held the first Death Cafe in his home on 25th September 2011, we would have never imagined that so many people across the globe would be so enthusiastic about holding events where they can freely discuss death and dying with a view to making the most of our finite lives.

Jon would be delighted to see how the Death Cafe movement that he created has continued to grow, and we, his family, are so proud of Jon and both honoured and privilaged to continue the incredible work that he started which has benefited tens of thousands of people. 

I also want to say a huge thank you to you - our amazing community of facilitators for supporting us and one another, ensuring that we continue to host events that stay true to the Death Cafe guidelines of being free of charge, with no agenda, and not promoting products or services. Without you, we wouldn't be where we are today. 

On a side note, I'm excited to share with you that this month also saw me making a huge career move from a senior management role in the private sector into a position in the NHS as a nursing assistant. Running Death Cafe has taught me a lot of lessons, and one of them was to pursue the most meaningful things to me before it's too late. I will be continuing to apply as much time to Death Cafe as I can during this transition, and I intend to use everything I learn in both roles to benefit the other. 

I am very passionate about making Death Cafe accessible to as many people as possible, and as part of this, we're translating our guidelines into a number of languages. So far, we are in the process of finalising versions of the guidelines into:

- German (Deutsch)

- Spanish (Español)

- Portuguese (Portuguesa)

- Dutch (Nederlands)

If you would like to translate into another language for us, please do get in touch! You can also support Death Cafe by making a donation on Patreon: www.patreon.com/deathcafe

On behalf of me, my Mum Susan Barsky Reid, and Jon's wife Donna Molloy, I want to raise a virtual cup of tea and slice of cake to everyone who has faciliatated, attended, talked about or simply taken an interest in Death Cafe. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!! 

Jools x


Thank you so much for starting this movement and keeping it going! I just went to my second Death Cafe last night. It was so interesting and people were very kind and helpful. I'm glad that I stumbled upon Death Cafe.

Posted by Eileen

Fantastic Opportunity for all Sentient Beings!

Just happened onto Death Cafe by way of a local library's event list ~ so delighted to find you!
The things of life that most of us are not taught about or allowed to discuss are exactly those that we desire and need to know about and speak of. If deprived of such, it can hold us back from living well, or from dying well.
What a beautiful organization to have created...I look forward to attending. Thank you.
All the very best from Wilmette, Illinois, USA.

Posted by PJ Miller

Sending a cup chink from Lyme Regis!

Dear Jools,

I just wanted to send you a huge love from Dorset. Alongside a dear mate Chris, who's equally passionate about supporting our local community, we run the Lyme Regis Death Cafe.

We started back in August last year and every session has been different and equally amazing. There have been tears, snotty tissues, lots of tea and bizarrely, lots of laughter too.

I wanted to start a DC after my mortality was pricked, losing a mate to prostate cancer in 18 months flat. Then more recently, another has been diagnosed with virulent prostate cancer - oh, how life seems to roll sometimes, pushing our thoughts and ability to put one foot in front of the other, to their absolute limits.

Our Death Cafe has seen an age range of 14 to late 70's and slightly more women attending than men. That said, the few men that have attended have contributed greatly to the conversations.

One lovely attendee kindly shared his almost lifelong journey, battling to work out why his father committed suicide when he was very young and make sense of all the family fallings out and silences surrounding it.

The kindhearted contributors in our group have certainly helped him (and others affected by this subject) find some peace - how good is that.

...and all over vegan cake, biscuits and copious cuppas!

Thank you for continuing to breath life into the Death Cafe movement - I told a different social group the other day that you'd topped 10,000 events. It's marvellous and all - I'm sure - still wrapped in the pain of your own grief too.

I just want to send a virtual love, a huge smile and a massive thanks for all you do. Bless the lot of you! I'll raise a hobnob to you all at mid-morning tea break.

Tracey West xx
Lyme Regis Death Cafe
2nd Monday of the month
6-8pm The Hub, Lyme Regis

Posted by Tracey West

Death Cafe CDMX

Estamos feliz de colaborar en la casa Vida Alegre Los Jueves en la Ciudad de Mexico! Felicidades por este logro! Congrats for this big milestone from Death Cafe at Vida Alegre Mexico City!

Posted by Fr Vincent Schwahn

Nearly 7 years, and counting!

I've absolutely loved facilitating the Death Cafe here in Fremantle, Western Australia! My journey with this incredible death positive conversation started in March 2013 and I continue to be amazed by the rich stories, feelings and experiences that people generously share with each other. I am so grateful to have stumbled across the Death Cafe and feel privileged to have been part of its growth over the years. It truly is making a difference in our corner of the world!

Posted by Ava Reyerson


Muchas felicidades aquí en Tijuana México, está una futura psicóloga, tanatologa y tanatopractora con grandes deseos de cambiar paradigmas que giran alrededor de la muerte.
Aquí estoy si puedo colaborar.

Posted by Lizeth

Thank You for carrying on Jon's Vision!

And for posting the current numbers of D.C.s around the world, which we share with the folks who attend here. How enjoyable facilitating is, and handing over conversations to small groups at tables with no agenda.
Have a Laugh,
Shed a Tear,
Eat cake!

Death Café Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Posted by Anne C.