Death Cafe is 7 today!

This is just a very brief message to commemorate today as being Death Cafe’s 7th birthday!! 

It has been a whirlwind and we’ve learnt so, so much in the last 12 months it‘s hard to know where to begin!!

Unfortunately I’ve had a pretty debilitating eye issue which put the brakes on getting the traditional birthday video filmed and edited for today.

I would still very much love to talk to you all and give you some of the annual highlights ‘face-to-face’. So rather than repeating myself, as soon as I’m well enough, I will film and post something up. 

Overall, (and I don’t mind repeating this bit) on behalf of all of us, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to every person who has been positively involved in the Death Cafe movement. The support that the founders and Jon‘s family have received in these last 12 months has been overwhelming, you are all the reason that Death Cafe continues to grow. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for keeping this movement alive.



Thank you first of all to Jon for starting this movement and to you Jools and Sue for carrying on. The success of Death Cafe worldwide shows that every one everywhere need to find a way to Talk about Death Cafe be they young or old! Much gratitude!!

Posted by Kit, Death Cafe Montreal

Thamesford, Ontario, Canada

We are about to hold our 11th Death Cafe. Jon started some very important work in his short life. His death has made me all the more impassioned about continuing it. It is somewhat of a calling for myself and Gerard and Laurie, with whom I organize it four times yearly. Despite whether our group consists of 4 or 15, the conversation is always lively and IMPORTANT. Where else does one ever go where that is the case?! And we have attendees who have been converted from fear of the conversation to embracing it. Yes, we are carrying on Jon’s work!! Thank you for doing so, too!!

Posted by Chcannon

We've had two in Truro, NS. Nothing for almost a year.

Posted by Thom

Thanks for keeping up the work that Jon started. I held my first death cafe early 2012. I just had my most recent a couple days ago. I think the work is important and I will continue to support this as long as I can. I have vision issues too. I hope yours get better

Posted by Sherry

Death cafe bristol

Thank you Jools, family and of course blessing's to Jon who started something so special and so needed ..a human need to share and talk about a natural part of life...death ...our group and I'm sure a all groups over the world are indebted to Jon and your work continuing. ..we are grateful and the need continues ....

Posted by Mary

Denver Metro Death Cafe

Thank you Joals, We will be completing our 5th year in January and beginning the 6th year. it has been wonderful and now we are having overflow crowds so need to start a second one. Our community loves the conversation and they are always amazed that they walk away after 1.5h talking about Death they are laughing and relaxed.
I am forever grateful to Jon ,and as many do, miss him very much.
We are so grateful for your time and energy toward keeping the conversations going in the world. Nancy English, Denver Colorado

Posted by Death Cafe Metro Denver