Before Jon's funeral - words from Jon's mother-in-law Carol

A tribute to my lovely son-in-law Jon Underwood


You were a special person but it's only now you're gone I realise how special a person you really were.


I was quite intolerant of Death Cafe because I didn't understand it. I'm afraid to say you can still learn lessons no matter how old you are, but just because I didn't understand or agree doesn't make it wrong, it was right for you and I wish I'd understood this more.


Knowing your gentle, calm and humble nature, you would be amazed at the outpouring of emotion and how you touched so many people's lives. I don't think you realised what an impact you had.


You were truly a great dad. Instilling the same gentleness and sensitivity in your children that was so very you.  I am thankful that on one of my last trips to Hackney, I took the time to tell you what a fabulous dad you were and how delighted I was to see how happy it made you.


Our lives have been enriched because of you Jon. You will live on in your beautiful children. Thank you for being part of our family, I'm just so very sorry you couldn't have been with us longer!  


We are truly broken, but with time the break will become less and less. We will never forget.


Thank you for being you.




Carol & Brian