Life and Death( and everything I between!)

A write up of Death Cafe Bristol

By MaryTutaev

A rainy Autumnal evening was brightened up by our first meeting with new hosts and a wonderful group of people.

We are lucky to have such a supportive cafe Cox and Baloneys Tearoom who fully understand what we are trying to do. We had a cosy room,tea and cake (of course!). 

A quick introduction led into fascinating ideas,experiences, hopes and wishes towards life and death. Animated conversations sprang up and I was impressed with the groups sensitivity towards topics and each other. Conversations became profound, exploratory and there was also fact time went so quickly we all felt we could have talked and shared our thoughts for longer...a good sign of really enjoying each other's company and being genuinely interested in each others’ ideas and of course exploring the important topic of Life and Death! Here's to the next meet up! 


Please can you email me when you have future meetings ! ?

Posted by Tony Hersh

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