Opening Eyes

This is the second Death Cafe my wife and I have attended and I have to say it really helps a lot in thinking about / planning for the end of yur life. We have updated our wills, found more appropriate administrators, made better decisions. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly which makes conversations much easier. Anni is a superb facilitator for this and makes everyons feel very comfortable. She provides a list of possible topics but leaves the subject matter up to the group and doesn't push an agenda.

The best thing about a death cafe is that there are no salespeople there from either the funeral industry or the related others like lawyers or tax people. Yes, Anni is a financial planner but stresses she does not want anyone to feel they have to deal with her in any way.

There is no cost to attend and you leave feeling so much better about what you are planning for the future.

If you have not been, I highly reccommend attending of when you hear of them. The Ste. Anne death cafe will be held again here in Ste. Anne on the third Thursday of the month in August, September, and October. Maybe even more after that.

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