Recent Loss

Very moving discussion with so many present who had had a recent, profound loss. We also discussed our gratitude for Jon Underwood and the impact of his work world-wide. Questions and thoughts:

Is there a connection between our own physical symptoms and someone's death? For example, someone having very low blood pressure while, unbeknownst to him, his mother was dying?

How do we connect to those who have passed? Sometimes we get signs from them immediately and sometimes it takes a few months for signs to appear. 

What do we learn from near-death experiences? Many of us have had them, not alwasy in the dramatic form we read about in the paper, but frequently as a near-miss situation that has profound impact on how we live.

How does one sustain oneself facing the loss of a child?

How is the difference felt between losing someone suddenly or having warning?

This was a very moving meeting (aren't they all??!). We have been having between 25-30 people lately; 15 people (mostly first-timers) attended this one. I wonder if that had something to do with the fact that we sort of had a topic this month. In my monthly email reminder I spoke about Jon's death and the fact that Diana and I, as co-facilitators, wanted to talk about him. We had pondered if we should do this; Jon was always very clear about not having a topic or agenda and we deviated for this special circumstance. Wish I could talk to Jon about this...

Love you and miss you, Jon. Thanks for all you did for all of us.


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