Sacramento Death Cafe Winter Write-up

As the facilitator of the Sacramento Death Cafe, I was concerned last winter when some personal health issues and a death in my family presented challenges in keeping our meetings on schedule.  

As often occurs, a beautiful thing came out of these difficult circumstances...the Sacramento DC group stepped up to keep the meetings going, and right on schedule.  They exhibited a strong commitment to the goals of our group, and generously gave of their time, energy and love to offer a safe place for those that needed to talk about death and dying issues.  

I was reminded how critical and life-changing our gatherings may be for those who don't have a voice to express what they are going through, or a safe place to share their thoughts and feelings about this amazingly complex subject.  

Thanks to our "Sacramento DC Team" we continued meeting the first Monday of each month  from December - June 5, 2017. (Unfortunately, those meetings were not posted here on the London site.)  

Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 3, 2017.  For our meeting location, send a request to

Last night's meeting was, as always, filled with serious discussion mixed with laughter and comraderie.  It's a great group of people.  Talk centered around the elderly and caretaking,  cultural differences in aging and dying, resources for personal growth on the D/D* topic, how to begin planning for our own end-of-life decisions, California's new laws, living alone and the fear of dying, as well as many other D/D*-related topics.

Oh yes, and of course, we had CAKE! 

I'm thankful for DC Sacramento! Come and join us...I think you'll agree.  

We're changing the culture around death and dying. Let's talk about it!

Sandra Young

* D/D = Death and Dying

p.s.  You can watch our video on our Sacramento site.

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