Death Cafe Zarautz (summary)

It took place on March 23, 2017. In the coastal town of Zarautz (Basque Country), at Hotel Alameda.

Hosted by nurse Amaia Artze and doctor Iñaki Peña, and attended by a total of 14 people:

  • 7 women and 7 men.
  • Below 50 year old 7 people and >50 another 7.
  • 6 health proffesionals, 8 people holding another employment status.

People came from different backgrounds: 

  • One man came from a Christian parish an one couple from a Buddhist community.
  • One 60 year-old woman was going through the anticipatory grief for her husband, ill with cancer.
  • One 40 year-old woman told us about having esoteric experiences.

Short video (Spanish):





Great initiative!

I'm interested to know if in your experience, talking about death helps to work on
existential biases. I mean, biases like:

Posted by Manu Herrán

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