Carmel Death Cafe Summary June 25, 2017

A write up of Carmel Death Cafe

By evoci

We had 12 people attend, and enjoyed some delicious lemon cheesecake squares, tea, coffee and water  Participant comments included:

" I felt free to talk about death and not feel awkward or judged.  Grateful that this is offered! Thank you!"

"Three words: open, helpful, nonjudgemental!"

"Heartfelt, compassionate and caring group."

"Thoughtful, safe and confirming."

"I enjoy this gathering. There is always a lively discussion and sharing.  Interesting and curious people come to share their viewpoints."

"Having common thoughts and questions and ideas about death and life. Reaffirming the commonality of people thinking about death."

"It's always a pleasure to have your facilitation; you are helpful in the way you treat each person with respect so that even shy people feel able to open up and say what they think and feel."

"Time passed too quickly!"

Our conversation was wide-ranging and included suicide, dealing with the death of an adult child, societal views on avoiding discussions of death, and making sure that we live in such a way that we are remembered as we wish to be.



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