Highcliffe Death Cafe

Such an interesting death café this afternoon with some very lively discussions with a large group of people including a few newcomers, which is always lovely.

Talked about funerals, the fact that there is a waiting time for a death certificate often, more than the 5 days dictated by law! What do we do with the ashes from our death relatives, they can weigh up to 6-7 pounds where half is the coffin. What about direct disposal, which means that the body of the person who has died goes straight off to be cremated or buried without a funeral ceremony. John Lennon was directly cremated, as were Anita Brookner and David Bowie. No one was there. A very fascinating fact, our gentleman with 45 years’ work in cemetery, crematory and bereavement service could tell us, that any metals from the diseased are removed from the ashes, sent to Holland (at least from the public crematories) to be melted, sold and the monies goes to chosen charities. Last year £1 million was raised. Funerals are a public event, so family and friends can come as they wish, we have no right to exclude certain people. Near death experiences were debated, male dominated world religions and are we as human on the top of any life?


That's fascinating and useful to read about, thank you!

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