Highcliffe Death Cafe

This week was in the name of Death Café. Two meetings were hosted – an evening and afternoon adding a talk for Cruise Bereavement Care in Bournemouth made it very special.

Twenty women came to listen to my talk on Highcliffe Death Café and the Death Café movement in general. They all work voluntary with people in the local community, who are bereaved, they do a fantastic service, where no one else is at hand. It was a pleasure speaking for them and understanding their connection with death.

At our two meetings we said hello to several new takers, which is always a joy. We talked in general and more specifically about “Dying while Living “meditations, which some of our members actively do daily. We touched upon Ascending Masers, the difference between prayer and meditation, power of attorney, the perfect death, preparing for death with will writing, funeral planning as soon as you become a parent, not when you are old.

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