Write up for the 22nd Death Cafe Hampstead

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We held our 22nd Death Café Hampstead in May 2015

by Josefine Speyer


This was our 22nd Death Café at Café Rouge in Hampstead and part of Dying Matters Awareness Week. Tom Schuller co-facilitated. One journalist attended who was writing an article on Death Café for Spirit & Destiny.

16 booked to attend (2 arrived without booking)

13 attended:  11 womenplus two facilitators

5 feedback forms were returned

Average age all women: 39.4 (aged 31– 54)

Overall, how would you rate this event?(10 = excellent, 1 = poor)  9.6/10


People's experiences of this Death Café:

The range of experiences, topics/subjects was amazing. There is so much to say, discuss, talk about and so much that people want to say. The environment is so open and honest. Everything and anything is open for discussion. It does feel easier to talk to strangers – no agenda, no judgements. Journalist/editor, female, 34.


Inspiring. Good to talk in a place where people did not have agendas. Director/film & TV, female. 44.


Thought provoking, inspiring, stimulating, intriguing, engrossing, reassuring and comfortable. Drugs worker in prison, female, 31.


Incredibly honest, open and intersubjective. No pretense, no uncomfortability. Lovely to be in a smaller group and to give true unrestricted time to one another. I will continue to attend Death Cafes. They are entirely valuable, emotionally and socially. Postgraduate student, female, 36.


Different from the other Death Café I came to a year ago, but still very interesting. Everyone was very supportive and made it a safe place to talk. I learnt new things and allow me to reflect on my own experiences. This time the group was small, so I felt less relaxed. Film maker, female, 54.


What motivated you to attend this evening?

4 x I have been bereaved                              

3 x I want to prepare for my own death (and for parents death)        

2 x I wish to learn about end of life issues

* To learn what it is like at a Death Café

* My recent experiences of death are contributing to my anxiety about my life and I wanted to explore this.

* Research

Ethnic background:

5 White


Religious/spiritual orientation in childhood and now:

  • Anglican as a child, now atheist
  • Catholic as a child, now agnostic
  • Believe in god, nothing else
  • No religion as a child, no religion as an adult

Have you attended a Death Café before? If so, how many?

3 x came for the first time

1 x came for the second time

1 x fourth time or more


Do you, or are you planning to host a Death Café?

Yes, in Cambridge




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