The seventh Death Café in Verona - Monday 7th October 2013

There were eight participants at the seventh Death Café which was held at Elisabetta’s house.

Once again respect, serenity and a desire to listen and share characterized this get together.

During the first part of the discussion, as we explored the theme of death it became clear that for most of those present feelings of serenity were associated with the idea of death, both for believers and non-believers. It was perceived in general as a transformation and a passage to a peaceful place. Mourning, tears and grief are for those who are left behind, especially if the death is sudden and the person is young.

We also touched on the theme of loss with regard to significant relationships, an experience which can be compared in many ways to bereavement.

In the second part of the meeting, inspired by a project of the artist Candy Chang entitled “Before I die”, participants were asked to write on a blackboard what they would like to do before they die. Here is what some of them wrote:

Before I die I want:

-          to develop deep affectionate relationships with a partner and with close friends

-          my thoughts to be free of judgment without taking sides

-          to know compassion

-          to be in peace with myself and learn to be more aware

-          to travel to the USA, to hope that my children experience love and my brother makes up with our mother and that I will always love unconditionally.


There followed an intense discussion about the meaning and various interpretations of the terms judgment and compassion.



Words and expressions used to describe this meeting: worthwhile, interesting, involving, stimulating, tranquility, freedom, simplicity, educational, illuminating, in contact with the heart, depth, feeling centred, sharing, discovery, friendship, listening, reflection, calm.

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