The sixth Death Café in Verona - Saturday 7th September 2013

Our sixth Death Café’ was held this time in the Cappa Café’, a pleasant café’ in an old building right on the river Adige in the historic centre of Verona.

There were six participants and the atmosphere was, as usual, serene and respectful.

The first part of the discussion touched the theme of the fear of death in our society.  According to the opinion of those present there are two reasons for this fear: fear of seeing loved ones die suffering from a long drawn out illness and fear deriving from the Catholic religion which cultivates a dread of hell rather than focalizing on a meeting with God.

In the second part of the discussion a desire to heal rifts in significant relationships came out, especially with regard to family relationships.

The words and expressions used to describe this meeting were: informal, reciprocal respect, unusual to have the opportunity to exchange experiences on the subject of death, serenity, interesting, educational, pleasant, freedom to express one’s opinion, desire to say what I think without feeling ashamed, thoughtful.


A suggestion: to speak more about life leading up to death.

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