Highcliffe Death Cafe

A lovely afternoon with a small group of women interested in speaking about death. We referred to a very interesting article in Intelligent Life Magazine on death: https://www.intelligentlifemagazine.com/features/how-to-have-a-good-death. We could do well with asking for what we want to happen when you die, we might need to learn how to love ourselves in order to be brave enough? Studying to become a Soul Midwife was eagerly discussed and the many gifts being brought to us from sitting at the bedside with a person dying. Another opportunity is becoming a Death Doula, which in Greek means: Female slave!  We used to call women like that the Old Wise Woman or Crane: http://singingoverthebones.org/2015/12/29/grey-heron-nights-14-the-old-crane-sisters-plant-the-seed/. Do we dare to say history repeats itself!?

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