Highcliffe Death Cafe

Two resent cafes have been hosted with four members in the evening and 11 this afternoon. Always interesting talks take place. In the smaller group we heard some personal experiences of death from relatives and how that might be handled adding information of the 4 stages of death, which suddenly made the thought of death very real.

We were a mix of people this afternoon with different interests from GP’s, Cruise volunteer, a Buddhist to some, who felt death of a loved one was hard to live with in our society, where we find it so difficult subject to approach. The misunderstand and often lack of information from doctors were discussed with great help from our three GP’s. We all need to open up to the subject of death far more easily and learn about the death process and take responsibility of widening our understanding. The hopefully good dialogs between doctors, patients and relatives can take place.

One member attended a whole day on “End of life Planning” in Milford on Sea yesterday, she kindly brought information along and mentioned a website called: www.sayitonce.com. Where relevant form can’t be downloaded from. Mentioned ICE and “Message in a Bottle” too. I few all carried our donor card and form of ID with our mobile phone life would be easier for many health care workers.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

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