Death Cafe, Winchester, Virginia

Seven people drank Mexican hot chocolate and ate pan de muerto to celebrate Dia de los Muertos at the Death Cafe on November 1, 2015. We remembered those who have died with special reverence, and wondered how the Aztecs who originated the idea celebrated this ritual 3000 years ago. 

We also spoke of the fears we face in life be it accidents that take our lives quickly or staring down a bear who threatens us, and wondered if those are metaphors for death bearing down on us.  

We hoped that the practices that we have done to cultivate lovingkindness, compassion, and equanimity in our lives have prepared us to greet death with courage and ease, and we decided that those practices do, indeed, ready us, be it an instant death and as we embrace the living of this finite life every day.

We will wait until the ice, sleet, and snow of winter has passed before meeting in Spring with renewed interest and verve.

We bid farewell to one another with affection and with gratitude for the opportunity to meet and talk about death with such honesty and openness. 

Thank you, Jon Underwood for creating this fine venue....the Death Cafe.



Hello. When and where will your next meeting be? I have a client age 17 who could really benefit from meeting others in a comfortable environment who have experienced the death of a loved one. Also, if you have a flyer or poster please send and I will put in waiting room.

Posted by Megan Simms

I too would like to know of your next meeting.

Thank you for your work.

Clay Smith

Posted by Clay Smith

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