Our First Perth Death Cafe

We received two different reactions when we mentioned we were going to attend Perth’s first Death Café meeting which took place on the evening of Monday 27 April.  Either raised eyebrows and an expression of it being an interesting idea or a frown and an exclamation of “Why?".

The reality was a very well attended event (about 30 people) and a convivial meeting where some deep and meaningful, but by no means downhearted conversation took place.  Ages ranged from the early 20’s to over 70; people had travelled from Stirling and further afield and both genders were well represented. 

It was very uplifting and heart-warming to see groups of complete strangers coming together for a couple of hours to freely share their experience and thoughts on the subject of death.  Conversation was by no means stilted as a handy sheet of questions to think about was available on each table which provided plenty of food for thought and a great ice-breaker.

We think nothing of openly discussing birth, children, family or relationships, so maybe it’s time that other life experience we all have to face becomes an acceptable and less uncomfortable topic of conversation. 

Those attending Perth’s first Death Café meeting certainly proved that it is possible.


Is there a Death Cafe in or near to Glasgow?

Posted by Jane Harrison

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