Highcliffe Death Cafe

Highcliffe Death Café

We had such a lively evening at Highcliffe Death Café, which was very much helped by our 3 new members. We had among us a local funeral director. She kindly answered many questions we have had during many café meetings and cleared up some misunderstandings about the dying process.

Talked about DOL=Deprivation of Liberty, which wheels start to turn when a death certificate is written?  The state automatically lets many authorities know about a person’s affairs.  The financial affairs are purely down to the person with power of attorney.

The prices of coffins were discussed and the fact the need some kind of coffin in this country no matter the method of burial/cremation is chosen.

Many families do express an interest in bringing the body of the death relative home – which implications does that bring?

Is our society friendly to mixing different generations or are the older folks rather forgotten in our society?  What about co-housing, changing care homes to integrate young student living, as happening in Holland, with huge success. We have to recognise the family patterns has so much changed the last 60 years or so and are in great need of reshaping for every generations benefits.

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