Highcliffe Death Cafe

It is wonderful how much fun and laughs five people, who have never met before, can have talking about death and dying!

Topics discussed were:

Preparing a “Living Will” for no resuscitation can be done by a double appointment at your GP. It will be legally binding for GP’s, hospitals and paramedic care, as all heath institutions have access to same information about you.

MacMillan Units have different protocols to GP’s (pre Shipman), which is far more caring for the dying person.

Felt having a “Dignitas” in the UK would be wonderful, let’s hope organisations like ourselves and “Dignity in Dying” will be able to work towards this goal.

The favourite topics on reincarnation and afterlife were debated too. Viewpoints such as we are all energy our energy can’t end but transform and many deja vu can be explained.

Funeral wishes with plenty of choices of coffins gave raise for a laugh. A pointedly reminder to leave money for your own funeral, best in a special bank account between you and your executor was advised.


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