Death Cafe Winchester, VA

It was another beautiful day in the Shenandoah Valley where nine people gathered at Steamy's Cafe to talk about life and death.  

One participant reported on the Art of Dying conference held in NYC recently where more than a dozen fine minds gathered to talk about the art of dying. 

Robert Thurman spoke of "the clear light of the void", he asks that we be conscious of our unconscious and that everything we do matters. Eben Alexander told us about his near death experience, and others spoke to the future of end of life care.  The dialogue on living, dying, and death is rich, deep, and very much alive.

The Winchester group then spoke to the significance of this life so that in developing consciousness we may reincarnate as we have lived our lives. And that we cultivate equanimity by being mindful of our thoughts, of what we read, of how we feel, and to take into ourselves that which is nourishing and balancing. 

We are reminded that our health is influenced by our attitudes and to be easy and gentle on our ourselves, lest "we think ourselves to death".

We are encouraged to find our own voice in the midst of the cultural stories and mindset that may conflict with cultivating peace and equanimity, and to live and walk in peaceful repose.

Our next meeting will be June 7, 2015 from 1-3pm at Steamy's Cafe, 38 Piccadilly Street, Winchester, Va 22601.

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