Highcliffe Death Cafe

On this nice spring afternoon we met with two new members of the café. Discussing many topics from making sure you are one of the 30% of the UK population who has a will specifying every aspect of your passing from funeral, possessions, home etc.  to considering using a solicitor, who normally charges 10% or a probate company, who charges 4% to finalise your estate. Particularly if you have no living relatives it is essential you have your wishes expressed on paper. We also talked about gratitude for your life no matter how it might feel for you right now. Some of us believe that we choose our parents and thereby our life. For some people forgiveness towards a parent is so important, an act most of us are still working on! A reminder of "Dying To Know " event in Bournemouth Saturday the 28th of March was given. See more information on this website under Death conversation.

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