6 People Chat About Death

This was the first cafe of the year, each cafe I learn a little more about being a host for Death Cafe Louisville. This cafe was the first one not promoted by Rainbow Blossom, the location we are currently using, so this is a piece of the puzzle that provided a little challenge. 

We had four participants plus two hosts, which provided plenty of opportunity for participation. We discussed many aspects of death, but the main threads revolved around "knowing" when to transition from curative treatment to palliative care and creating community to care for each other as we age.

Another memorable part of the conversation was being asked in the closing comments what I get from hosting Death Cafes. I’m still not sure exactly how to answer that question except that I get the feeling people benefit from these conversations and it’s not that people don’t want to talk about death they just need a place and permission.


Following the café I attended a dinner party. The conversation continued over dinner and one participant offered his home for the next event, so we keep going. 

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