Death Cafe Verona – 26 January, 2015

The seventeenth Death Cafe, which was held in Verona on the 26th January, was a “mini” event with two participants. In any case, the conversation was, as always, very lively and stimulating!

What comes to mind when we hear the word “death”?

“I think about how I’m here now and afterwards I won’t be here anymore”; 

“I question myself about the meaning of life;”

“I realize that I don’t spend enough time on the things that are meaningful for me”;

“the skull and crossbones comes to mind as it’s a symbol of death and danger (and pirates!)”;

“I think about funerals and how people spend so much time and money on organizing them – but then the only one who’s not present is the dead person”;

“I will no longer see the things that I see now”;

“I hope I will enter a bright and peaceful place”.

We then discussed funerals, talking about how we could maybe remember people in different ways and about how stressful it can be to organize a funeral. We should talk to children about death and take them to funerals. Another thing is that cemeteries could also be used for other activities and events, such as picnics or concerts. This is something which already happens in other countries.

After refreshments, we reflected on what we would like to achieve before we die. Various wishes came up such as being kinder and more respectful and attentive to other people, overcoming insecurities or writing a will. Some are satisfied with the way their life is going and don’t have any particular objectives. For others, it’s important to be more optimistic and accepting of what we achieve every single day of our lives.


The words used to describe this encounter: relaxing, reflexive, interesting.

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