My fond farewell...

With Season's Funeral home as the backdrop, I was fortunate to have been asked by them to get this latest Death Cafe up and running. Four months on and the conversation has remained strong and true to our topic. 

It has been a great success, right from the start. Each member has brought with them deeply personal experiences with death and dying that they have openly shared with the group. And I thank you for that!

My fond farewell happened at this latest meeting as I passed the torch on to trusted colleague and friend, Joan, who will be taking over the facilitation of this Death Cafe.

I am heading on to pursue a Masters Degree in Counselling full time! As I already run my own monthly Death Cafe in Fremantle, I thought it best that I reign in my commitments a little bit!

I have thoroughly enjoyed facilitating this group and wish you all the best on your journey through living and dying.

It's not good-bye, just see you next time I'm looking at you! 

Passionate regards,

Ava Reyerson


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