Flagstaff September Death Cafe

This Cafe was attended by 33 participants ages 19 to 84, men and women. We are again joined today by several young students of sociology, sustainable communities, counseling and other schools within the local Northern Arizona University. Patrons thoroughly enjoyed gf ‘blondie’s’, apple slices with caramel dipping sauce and organic cheese and crackers. Round table discussion groups of 8 to 10 each discussed various topics including:

End of life medical interventions ~ why not write it down NOW instead of when you cannot speak?

Doctors don’t always honor a DNR! This is upsetting and the politics around it are confounding.

Grieving is okay, it is good to project feelings and emotions even when it seems socially unacceptable. You don't have to act happy when things go wrong.

Shining light in your own experience or accepting others compassion in a time of trouble is better than holding it all in.

A rousing dialog about whether or not there is such a thing as “soul” and/or “soul groups” we connect with here in earth or after living this life.

Respect between those who think there is soul and those who don’t think there is soul

Many agreed that not knowing about what happens after death is actually comforting

Dialog about consciousness: “where were we BEFORE we got to here (in body)?”

The question arose, "How does one 'just be'?" The answer: that's just what human beings do!

Many found comfort-ability in the group to cry.

Many felt surprised by the age variation, which is beneficial because then ideas can be formed throughout generations.

Many patrons accepted and embraced a new healing tactic (which is the idea of "I don't know and that is OK”)

Many individual's expressed how diverse the group was but there was still a strong appreciation and acceptance of one another.

Overall, the group promoted great connections and energy.

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