Flagstaff August Death Cafe

We are joined today by several young students of psychology from the local Northern Arizona University. What an honor to have them be interested in talking about death! The lemon drizzle cake was also a big hit. . . Here are some comments from our August Death Cafe:

*The depth of kindness in this group is extraordinary

*I enjoy the "attitude of gratitude" I call this my "fear reduction group!"

*I love that I don't have to explain what i mean when I say I have a "Death Cafe buzz!"

*The conversations in our group just flow into one another. . . it brought the 'mystery' back to me.

*We spoke about an interesting theory: that we choose our family and our death moment.

*We talked about the heartbeat of life and heartbeat of death.

*My final thought is of gratitude. I came feeling depleted, now I feel full.

*This event was respectful, heartfelt and illuminating.

*For me, being involved with death confirms there is something else after life.

*Today I learned that by accepting death, I can live more fully! It is freeing!


counting down the days for the next one :-)

Posted by elana

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