Report from our Potluck Brunch

We received universally positive feedback on today's Death Cafe. The most common words used to describe the event among the 50 people who attended: Interesting. Inspirational. Informative. Thought-provoking. Open. Comfortable. Friendly. Enlightened/Enlightening.
Feedback on the facilitation read like a job description for exactly what we'd want in this role!
  • Provided opportunities for all to speak.
  • Shared personal experience without going to great length – just enough to be informative.
  • Having a facilitator helped the conversation feel comfortable from the start, but not over-directed.
  • Empowered the table to be engaged.
  • Well done.
  • Sensitive, informative facilitator.
  • Wonderful!
  • Excellent job! She did a great job of directing the group to make sure everyone got time to talk.
  • She was gentle and helpful. She has an ease of leading a group and a wonderful sweet disposition.
  • She did a wonderful job of facilitating and sharing.
  • She was great. She facilitated AND participated.
  • He encouraged the flow, shared.
  • She did a GREAT job!
  • No lulls in the conversation; we all said at the break how much we enjoyed the group. 
Many folks commented on how much they liked the space and the potluck. Responding to "the most enjoyable aspect of the event" it boiled down to the people and the conversation:

Deep discussion. Humor. Meeting wonderful people. Sense of community. Discussing death and grieving with intelligent/wise individuals who I wouldn’t otherwise have contact with. Variety of ages sharing personal beliefs/ perspectives. Conversation with a diverse group of people. The people and the conversation. Nice people, nice variety of perspectives. Hearing others’ perspectives; finding shared connections. Conversation with group members – truly back and forth – great communication. The conversation. Sharing and listening. Talking to new people about such important and personal subjects. Compassionate reassurance that everyone’s perspective is valid and valued. Interacting. People comfortable with the subject and obvious they'd thought about it. Open, non-pressured sharing of experiences. I liked being in a young enthusiastic group. It was easy and comfortable to share and talk.

Least enjoyable aspect? One person wished for coffee. Five wished for more time. Four wished for a bit more structure: 
A focus or a theme to help go deeper into a topic. I’d like a bit more framework/ a stronger container. Slightly more structured conversation. I enjoyed the discussion; a more formal portion of the event would have added to the experience.


Among those who completed the demographic section of the eval, we had 1 person under 25 and 1 person over 75; 16% were 25-34 and another 16% were 35-44; 10% were 45-55; 18% were 55-64; and the largest cohort at 34% were 65-74.

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