Write Up about 11.9.2014

We hosted our 2. Deathcafe in copenhagen at the 11. September 2014. As our limit for participants is 15, we had a waitinglist with 3 persons.
We sat around two tables, having coffee, tea and cake. After a short intro and everybody said a little about their intention in participating this evening.

After that the conversations went on at the two different tables: Thoughts, whishes, worries and other dimensions on the topic: death and dying. And of cause, what this means for the quality of life.

If was a warm and giving evening with participants from around 35 to around 80 of age. During the meeting, 2 persons chose, for different reasons, to leeve the cafe. We learned from this to be even more precise in our instructions about the frames of the meetings. But we are also prepared that simular situations can appear again in other meetings.
Here is some of the statements in the outro:
- it is not dangerous to talk about death
- wonderful openness
- more people need to talk about this
- lovely calmness, that makes us listen
- life-affirming
- interesting and exciting to listen to others

- sense of cohesion

We had a giving time together

Ellen and Karin

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