And the connection to my family and friends goes that much deeper...

I love facilitating conversations about death and's my passion. So, how lucky was I to be able to share my passion with friends and family! 

In many ways the conversation flowed as it always does, and the sharing seemed as intimate as it always is when I facilitate Death Cafe's for the public. These conversations appear to transcend family and friends, to a human level. It doesn't matter if you're my immediate family, a dear friend or a complete stranger, the intimacy and sense of community goes deeper than even these connections. 

I am fascinated by the interaction. And I am fascinated by talk of life and living that arises out of talk of death and dying. 

This is the first time I have held a Death Cafe in someone's home as opposed to a public space like a cafe. It was just right for the participants involved because, with the exception of a couple of people, most knew each other. 

As a personal preference, I like running the Death Cafe in a public place to aid in normalising the conversation. I believe talking about death and dying is as normal and everyday as talking about birth and living, so for it to be hidden away behind closed doors just keeps it in a place of fear and taboo.

This evening was different. It felt completely acceptable to be in this person's home where we sat around her coffee table in warm surroundings. It felt comfortable. It felt like a place I'd want to have a deep heart-to-heart chat with a dear friend. Kudos to my friend who provided just such a space! 

I would run a Death Cafe like this again, in this way again with anyone. This is not an experience reserved for friends and family alone, for aren't we all brethren, kindred spirits, and family on a whole other level? 

Again, I love what I do, and for yet another day, I am passionately yours, 


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