Death Cafe Senegal

A write up of Death Cafe Senegal

By Hayley West


Death Cafe was well received here in Saint-Louis with those I could explain it to in my broken French! I did find it a little difficult to broach the subject of death with locals as well as find people who could speak good enough English to participate in the Death Cafe.

However on the day we had an enthusiastic contingent of five from Finland, Senegal and Australia all keen to explore death related issues. A particularly interesting discussion revolved around the rituals and beliefs of Muslim burial in Senegal. Much of our discussion was art related, with photography, film and visual art references exploring ways of grieving and dealing with death.

The conversation extended later into lunch about what country ex-pats feel they might be buried in and whether wills had been written. It was also wonderful to hear about our varied international upbringings and how we have dealt with the death of family and friends.

I feel very honored to have introduced the concept of the Death Cafe to new people on the other side of the world!



Haley- I'm so excited that Death Cafe is finally in St. Louis!!! I've been hosting them in St. Joseph, MO for over a year and have had people drive 5 hours one way to experience a Death Cafe. Let's connect soon. All the best,


Posted by Death Cafe St. Joe/ Megan Mooney

Just saw that you're from Australia and not MO. LOL! But I'm still very excited for you! Great job! :)

Posted by Death Cafe St. Joe/ Megan Mooney

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