Carmel Death Cafe in Indiana

A write up of Death Cafes Carmel, IN

By evoci

The first Carmel Death Cafe was held on Sunday July 20, 2014!  What a great group of people to meet.  They were enthusiastic and grateful for one another; in fact, the "theme" in their evaluation comments was that they appreciated being with like-minded people who were willing to talk about death and dying.  One even called it "fun" and another referred to it as a "fresh breath of openness".  Love that!

Comments from the evals included...
Three words used to describe the experience:
Educational (2)
Very useful and valuable (2)
Comfortable and comforting (2)
Interesting (5)
Informative (3)
Safe to express myself (2)
Different feelings and viewpoints 
Thought-provoking (2)
Energizing and exciting (2)
A fresh breath of openness
The most enjoyable aspect of the Cafe for you?  
  • Sharing and recognizing that others have same questions and concerns
  • Listening and connecting
  • Being around others who are willing to speak about death
  • Meeting new people and sharing similar experiences
  • Variety and diversity of experiences; very comfortable and low pressure environment and hearing some perspectives that I might consider exploring and or adopting
  • People who listened without judging gave me a new perspective
  • Meeting new people and talking about "that word" death
  • The acceptance and openness of discussion; no pressure if you did not want to participate. Everyone listened and seemed to accept all other views.
  • Hearing all the perceptions of non- healthcare people; people who had recently loss loved ones in hospice
  • Sharing common concerns and experiences
  • A great cake homemade, loved the table center; thank you for great environment you created
"I would recommend the Death Cafe to family and friends" - 100% marked Strongly Agree
"The event had a positive impact on me" - 100%  marked Strongly Agree or Agree
NEXT CAFE:  Sunday AUG 17th



Congrats, so happy for you.

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