Death Cafe Atlanta #5

It was a beautiful day to be in Oakland Cemetery: blue sky and a warm day with just a slight touch of fall in the air.  Thirty people showed up to participate in Atlanta’s 5th Death Café ranging in age from five months to 91.  The spread of food included fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, vegetable tray, finger sandwiches, various teas and coffees, and of course a delicious cake with the Death Café Atlanta logo on it. Discussing death simply goes better with cake and a cuppa.  Thanks to Crossroads Hospice Charitable Foundation for the grant that underwrites Death Café Atlanta!


Topics varied significantly from table to table, but included among them were the following: the difficulty of responding to people after a loss—What do you say?; death rituals, such as removing the wedding band of your loved one before burial; end-of-life decisions; reincarnation; children dying out of order; fear of dying—when is it the “right season” to die?; cultural differences in way death is perceived and expressed; experiences of death at a young age; How to live NOW!?; What are the trivialities of life and what is important?


Some of the words used to describe the Death Café were: safe, productive, worthwhile, enlightening, human connection, authenticity, helpful, important, refreshing, informative, inspiring, stirring, surprising, comfortable, friendly, uplifting, promising, fun, needed, accepting, emotional, intimate, peaceful, lovely, stimulating, affirming, supportive, open, poignant, diverse, easy, and heart-warming.


A few participants made comments regarding the “most enjoyable aspect” of the event. These included the following:

·       Meeting new people for in-depth, lively discussion.

·       The candid discussions around the table were open, helpful, and informative.

·       Sitting with like-minded people who value life.

·       Being free to talk about death with others. Very helpful to me.

·       I loved it! I have always known death is around the corner.


Death Café Atlanta’s will meet in again on Sept 21 from 3-5 PM at Oakland Cemetery. Information on registration will be forthcoming.

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