What the deathies had to say....

Some Death Cafe stats from our all day Dying to Know Day event at Hatters on 8th August: 

89% of those completing evaluations rated the event as "excellent" and 5/5! A further 11% rated it 4/5

89% of those completing evaluations rated their comfort level whilst participating as "excellent" and thus 5/5 

78% of those completing evaluations rated the structure of the session as "excellent" (5/5) and 22% rated it as a 4/5

100% of those clearly answering the question said that attending Death Cafe affected their feelings about death &/or life

11% of those answering the question rated the overall facilitation of the event 6/5! Yes, you read that correctly!!!  a further 67% rated it 5/5 and 33% rating it 4/5 

78% of respondents rated the food and drink 4/5 or above

The most common word used to describe the event was "informative" followed by "joyful" and "interesting"

And one comment was: " the death cafe is a brilliant opportunity to understand all aspects of dealing with, understanding and embracing death from a medical, spiritual, mental and emotional perspective" 

Thanks to everyone for their support and attendance. Special thanks to Elise Elise McCallum and Megan Pascoe for cofaciltating and Annette Backshall at hatters tea house for hosting 

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