Let's Talk Death Cafe 5/30/24


On May 30th, not sure of what to expect, ten brave participants gathered for Shell Lake's first Death Café. Most had never heard of a Death Café until reading about the local library's latest offering. Participants showed up out of curiosity as well as hopes to engage in conversations they've been unable to have with their loved ones. A community was quickly created as they found themselves in a safe place, and they could realize their desire to share their unspoken observations relating to death and dying and listen to the thoughts of others. Swedish death cleaning, letting go, and the phenomenon of becoming an orphan as an adult were only a few of the topics discussed. The group’s sharings did not disappoint, nor did the carrot cake provided. Each Death Café will have its own uniqueness based on the dynamics and experiences of whoever attends. Gratitude goes out to the Shell Lake Public Library for hosting, and to our attendees for their beautiful contributions to the discussion.

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