Write up of Manly NSW Death Cafe

A write up of Manly NSW Death Cafe

By mknight

Our May Death Café was an intimate affair which took place in our regular cosy nook in the Creative Library.  Sitting in our usual assortment of chairs, our conversation and presence was overseen by an exhibition of photographs lining the walls, of long-dead Anzacs, locals who served in World War 1. 

As usual the time flew by with free-flowing discussion moving along at a rapid pace.  Topics ranged from death  and the afterlife, terminal lucidity, transcendental phenomena and such things as UAP (Unidentified Arial Phenomena).  And as always, I was struck by the generosity of spirit, openness, and willingness of attendees to share very personal thoughts, feelings and reflections and to embrace other points of view. 


I’ve always believed that Death Café is about the quality of conversation, not how many people attend, and that was certainly true of our May death Café.  Whereas on average 7 to 10 people usually attend, on this occasion there were only 2 attendees and myself.  Now one could be forgiven for thinking, “Oh no, what a disaster!” but in fact it was the complete opposite.  For a start, between us we had an accumulated 150 years of life and professional experience, and the conversation, well that was not only delightful, but deep and rich.


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