Death Cafe Write Up Degranis Cafe

A write up of Death Cafe

By eellen



16TH NOVEMBER, 2024 






We were a small group of three in a noisy cafe, meeting each other amongst the life of a shopping centre.  Thank you for the other two participants and one for travelling hours to attend our cafe.  


It was a rich conversation as we transversed a wide variety of themes in death and dying.   What is death denial and how is it for me and others?  Death as a mystery and how very personal and individual the experience is with our and others expectations.   Caring for those close to us and how to navigate those needs.  As well as what is out there in new approaches, how can I work within this movement.  How is body honoured and returned to the earth and some various religious approaches. 


We look forward to another Death Cafe in the coming months. 


Take care, 



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