Ninth Cafe of 2023, More to Come

Our last City of Roses Death Cafe of 2023 was attended by 19 people. We enjoyed a lively discussion of how death has touched us--loss of a childhood friend, sudden loss of a loved one who falls and is dead less than a day later, loss of a parent, a sibling, a chlld. One participant described living through the darkest times of the AIDS pandemic, and then living with those memories.

As usual, we talked about how hard it can be to discuss death: one participant invited a friend who responded that they didn't like the sound of "Death Cafe." Another invited a friend who has a terminal diagnosis, their response was, no thanks, not for me.The difficulty of having frank discussions of death often leads to increased suffering, grief.

We met downstairs at the Leaven Community in space set up as a children's classroom--a touching context for our discussion.

Our next City of Roses Death Cafe is set for January 27, 2024.

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