Death Café Whangarei Nov 2023

A write up of Death Cafe Whangarei

By Jo Moselen

We were a group of seven women who gathered at The Fat Camel Café in Whangarei, NZ, the third time we have gathered at this venue. We don’t ask for RSVP’s, so it’s always surprise as to how many people will attend. I was the facilitator (Jo Moselen) along with support from my colleague Jo Samuel. Being a small group with most people knowing each other or at least acquainted in some way it was a relaxed an intimate gathering where we discussed, End of life choice - how it is and isn't working, the work underway to support an advanced directive for Dementia in New Zealand, the willingness or not to talk about death when faced with a terminal diagnosis, sending ashes into space with the company Stardust Me, and alternative methods of body disposal not yet available in New Zealand, water cremation and recompose (body composting).

Participants comments – relaxed, inclusive, affirming, safe, uplifting

We hold death cafes' every three or four months. 

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