A sacred space

The Death Cafe  was attended by eleven open-hearted people. We sat around the table and took turns sharing thoughts, feelings, experiences, and questions about death, dying, and grief. 

Here are a few things that were shared: 
-"After my loss, I appreciated being asked 'How is your grieving going today?'"
-Musing on being near the end of life, questions to ask oneself- "What did I take? What did I leave? What will I keep?"
-A question was asked about what to do with very personal journals that you wouldn't want read by anyone, but you aren't ready to get rid of them just yet. The suggestion offered was to put them all together in one box, mark it with a note, and find someone you trust that will agree to dispose of them without looking at them.
We (the hosts) left the evening with full hearts and a deep appreciation of the power of community and sharing.

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