Death Cafe writeup_October

A write up of Death Cafe Marrickville

By mknight

Our October Death Cafe was described by attendees as ‘eye-opening’, ‘comforting’, ‘beautiful’ ‘relaxed’ and ‘peaceful’.  Held in an airy creative space in our new local library location, not even the odd library goer wandering into the room could overly disrupt or disturb the conversation.

It always amazes me, how complete strangers can not only be drawn together by a common goal and interest, but how they can share so courageously and sincerely stories which are incredibly intimate and personal.  And again, I’m struck by how death-positive conversations are not only profoundly powerful and transformative for all concerned, but how much they are needed in the community.

My experience of Death Café is that people often bring stories of synchronistic events surrounding the death of their loved one, and our October Death Café was no exception.  Are such events somehow orchestrated by ‘those on the other side’?  Is this confirmation of life after death, or of ‘ongoing consciousness’ as one attendee defined it?  How are such events possible, and what are they inviting us to consider?  And, are those who experience such events ‘losing their mind’?

Reality is not always able to be quantified, and even the rational mind surely agrees that some things, other-worldly things, come from a realm or a place which can be difficult to explain.  These experiences can be challenging, and though we may quickly dismiss them as coincidences, there is always a reason why they occur.  And in praise and acknowledgement of Death Café, where such conversations are always welcome, one attendee stated, “please come along – by discussing death we can stop worrying about it and focus on living”.  Nothing other-worldly about that!

With thanks, Michele

Death Café host and facilitator

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