First Meeting of City of Roses Death Café

City of Roses Death Café had a great first meeting at the Leaven Community center on a beautiful sunny day in NE Portland. There were 9 total community members in attendance -- all but one had never been to a Death Café before. Conversation flowed easily, connections were made, and there was plenty of tea and homemade desserts to go around. Discussion topics ranged from personal stories about impactful/meaningful deaths, how keeping death closeby informs how we want to live our lives, transmuting and alchemizing grief in the body, and much more. 


We look forward to our next meeting on May 27th from 2pm-4pm at the community center. 


Hello new to your page I'd like to attend looks like you're meeting May 27th could you share the address I'm unfamiliar on what community center. Look forward to hear from you :)

Posted by Alice Kaye

Leaven Community

Alice--The address is 5431 NE 20th Ave in Portland. If you go to the find a Death Cafe page on this website and put in a Portland Area zip code, more info will pop up. Please RSVP if you plan to attend. Thanks!

Posted by nomenoyou1

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