February Death Café Iowa

February Death Café Iowa was held on Tuesday February 21st where Buffy Peters, facilitator, had four individuals join her for conversation surrounding death and dying. We had such great conversation this month and we are so thankful for every individual who joins us! Here is a little bit of what this group chatted about.

The first topic of interest was the topic of burial vs. cremation as forms of final disposition. Conversation about “not wanting to take up real estate” in terms of a burial but respecting others’ choices to decide what is best for them. Rituals, such as a burial, and how those impact communities and the dead individuals families were discussed as well.

One participant asked the question of how do we support those who are afraid of dying? The answers are different for everyone, but it was a great question to pose to the group. One member offered just being present in life with those you love and care about.


We are very much looking forward to Death Café Iowa in March! Join us for great conversation and community. Can’t wait to “see” you there! 

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