Second Death Cafe at Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Australia

Lively discussions amngst the six attending. Some had been before and some never before. Some came with specific interests - how to cope with dying when working in residential aged care - and some came with several recent deaths of close family and friends. While others had never heard of a Death Cafe before and came along to find out what it was all about. Feedback included: "I love conversations about death and impermanence. It is always interesting to meet people that have never thought of death"; "learning about how to to cope with death in the aged care sector"; "Enjoyed hearing different experiences, especially caring for people at the end of life in aged care"; "many topics covered that I never considered before". We ended the meeting looking at resources to help get conversations going and to record our life story and final wishes. All attending are interested in regular Death Cafe meetings in the area.

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