Death Cafe Whangarei

After not having had a Death Cafe for over a year it was great to meet again. There were 18 (including the two facilitators), all of us women, regulars  and new comers. The  lively and engaging discussion included, end of life choice, what do you do when someone dies, unexpected death and post mortems, what makes a good or bad death. The feed back was unanimously positive about the event, the negatives were about noise and difficulty hearing for some. We tried a new venue and as with all past venues the noise (cafe's are noisey) is the one negative. This venue fully supported and encouraged Death Cafe and generously prepared food on a koha basis for our event (Thank you Amber of Amber's Kitchen) Concluding from the comments on the evaluation forms overall this was a positive hearfelt event and that by attending it does make a difference, there's continuing interest and support for fuure Death Cafes. 

Thank you to everyone who came.

Jo moselen

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