Respect, sharing and connection at Brisbane Death Cafe

Seven people attended our Death Cafe on 22 June 2022 in Kangaroo Point Brisbane, Australia. Conversation flowed freely for the full 90 minutes. Participants look forward to attending again on a regular basis. They appreciated the respect that filled the space, the sense of connection and the freedom to share with like-minded people about dying and death. It was felt that from talking about each others vulnerabilities around the topic of death, they could more easily identify what their needs were to approach their own inevitable death and the deaths of loved ones. They were pleased to receive relevant information and direction to resources to help fill their knowledge gaps. Themes covered included natural approaches to burial and cremation, DIY funerals and memorials, advocacy for the aged, sick and dying, dying well versus not, the nature of grief, and cultural and religious approaches to death and the afterlife.

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